ABCD 403   Brahms II Segerstam

Turun filharmoninen orkesteri; Leif Segerstam, kapellimestari

Kokonaiskesto: 69:00

ABCD 403
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 Turun filharmoninen orkesteri; Leif Segerstam, kapellimestari:
 Brahms, Johannes (1833-1897):
 Sinfonia No 2:
1Allegro non troppo22:05 FIABA 1600650
2Adagio non troppo11:47 FIABA 1600651
3Allegretto grazioso (quasi andantino)  5:34 FIABA 1600652
4Allegro con spirito10:25 FIABA 1600653
 Turun filharmoninen orkesteri; Leif Segerstam, kapellimestari, Nabu Takizawa, viulu:
 Segerstam Leif (b. 1944):
 Sinfonia No 289:
5When a cat visited19:05 FIABA 1600654



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"There may be a musical pigeonhole into which Leif Segerstam can be fitted, but if so, it´s one of the strangest objects in the known universe. Alongside his utterly idiosyncratic acount of Brahms´s Second Symphony we have one of those weird, wild and (sometimes) wonderful song-collages Segerstam calls symphonies. This is No.289 - no joke: the current total is above 300-entitled, When a Cat Visited. This visiting cat, personified by a solo violin, clearly comes not from a neighbouring house but a distant galaxy." ... As for Segerstam´s Brahms Symphony No. 2, it too has a generous, expansive, warmly, expressive feel. It isn´t very athletic, and there are moments where I´d have liked a bit more rhytmic definition.".. "I´m already thinking going back for more. We need people like Leif Segerstam: utterly unclassifiable, sometimes just bizarre, but always fresh and entirely genuine."

Stephen Johnson/Music September 2017

Performance ****

Recording ****

"Turun filharmonisen orkesterin toinen jullkaisu kaikkiaan neljän levyn sarjasta Brahmsia ja Segerstamia julkaistiin huhtikuun alussa. Sarjan toisella levyllä kuullaan toisen sinfonian lisäksi Segerstamin sinfonioita. "

Kulttuurihaitari/ 2/2017