Alba ABCD 351 (1 SACD/CD)Cover ABCD 351

Aarre Merikanto (1893-1958)
Symphony 2 & Ekho

Anu Komsi, soprano
Turku Philharmonic Orchestra
Petri Sakari, conductor

• New release includes Symphony No. 2 & Ekho for soprano and orchestra by Aarre Merikanto, one of the greatest ever Finnish composers, finely performed by the Turku Philharmonic Orchestra and soprano Anu Komsi

• Symphony No. 2 now as a World Premiere Recording!
Merikanto's orchestration and textures now stand on firmer foundations than they did in the first symphony. Some of his devices have a more distinctive Merikanto sound and clearly point ahead to the 1920s. The recurring trombone glissandos in the slow movement were not only quite new in contemporary Finnish music; they were truly original and anything but conventional. (Jouni Kaipainen)

• Ekho is a setting of a poem by the Finnish poet V.A. Koskenniemi for soprano and large orchestra. On this new release the work is starred by the internationally praised Finnish soprano Anu Komsi with her dynamic coloratura voice.
The orchestral treatment in Ekho is a triumph indeed. Closely following the shifting moods of the solo part, it colours both the spiritual and the concrete landscape with unfailing sensitivity. Merikanto is now in sovereign command of his orchestra. (Jouni Kaipainen)

Aarre Merikanto (1893-1958)

Symphony No. 2 in A Major Op. 19 (1918) "War Symphony" 46:49
1 I Allegro energico 14:15
2 II Allegro 8:03
3 III Largo 15:13
4 IV Allegro con brio 9:18

5 Ekho for soprano and orchestra (1922) 9:50

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