ABCD 297 SIBELIUS: Piano Pieces Impressions; Morceaux; Rondinos; Sketches; The Tempest; To My Beloved Aino / Tuija Hakkila Cover ABCD 297

"This is one of the more exciting releases I have come upon recently. It is a treasure trove of (mostly) mature works by an underappreciated master, played with all the style and grace they deserve. [...] This is soulful, beautiful music that more people need to hear. Tuija Hakkila plays marvelously; her sound is bold, deep, and gilded by an exquisite sense of timing and phrasing. Her technique is strong, too, and she forcefully controls all of the challenging passagework-arpeggios and runs-that can blow into these works like an unexpected winter wind. She deserves widespread recognition for this tremendously effective offering."

AUERBACH / American Record Guide

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