ABCD 434   Felix Mendelssohn works for piano & cello on period instruments

Guadalupe López Íñiguez, sello; Olga Andryushchenko, Érard piano

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ABCD 434
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 Guadalupe López Íñiguez, sello; Olga Andryushchenko, érard piano:
 Mendelssohn, Felix (1809-1847):
 Sonata in d major, op. 58 no. 2, MWV Q32 (1843) :
1Allegro assai vivace   7:26 
2Allegretto scherzando   5:05 
3Adagio   4:21 
4Molto Allegro e vivace   7:10 
 Variations concertantes in d major, op. 17, MWV Q19 :
5Thema (Andante con moto)   1:09 
6Variation 1  0:32 
7Variation 2  0:27 
8Variation 3 (Più vivace)  0:33 
9Variation 4 (Allegro con fuoco)  0:38 
10Variation 5 (L’istesso tempo)  0:47 
11Variation 6 (L’istesso tempo)   0:33 
12Variation 7 (Presto ed agitato)   1:18 
13Variation 8 (Tempo I) – Coda (più animato)  3:08 
14Albumblatt (assai tranquillo) in b minor, MWV Q25 (1835)  2:34 
 Sonata in b major, op. 45 no. 1, MWV Q27 (1838) :
15Allegro vivace 10:48 
16Andante   5:15 
17Allegro assai  6:09 
18Romance sans paroles (andante) in d major, op. 109, MWV Q34 (1845)  4:14 


Guadalupe López-Íñiguez plays on a cello by Claude Pieray (Paris, 1725) equipped with gut strings and an instrumental set-up inspired by examples from the early 19th century, and a bow by François Tourte (Paris, 1800).

Olga Andryushchenko plays on a piano by Érard (Paris, 1862), serial number 32602.

Musicological research behind the performances in this CD was funded by Kone Foundation (2016-2018).
The CD is generously funded by the CulturArts funds in Valencia (Spain).



BBC Music Magazine  Classical music magazine UK (April 2019), CD review: “Mendelssohn’s cello works call for spirited playing, which is what we get here. The Érard piano sparkles; the cello playing is bold and confident.”

Classique HD – Independent Review Site, France (3.4.2019), CD review by Nicolas Roberge“En cherchant bien à travers le son, on devine le jeu fluide et sensible de Guadalupe, les notes sont d’une extrême sensibilité et pleine de poésie. Le piano d’Olga fait son travail, son accompagnement est bien en place et la souplesse du poignet rend le jeu de Guadalupe encore plus divin. […] On atteint une plénitude dans « Assai Tranquillo en B MINOR », c’est magnifiquement interprété.”

Pizzicato – Music journal, Luxembourg (14.3.2019), CD review by Uwe Krusch gives 5 stars ★★★★★: “Guadalupe Lopez Iniguez and Olga Andryushchenko play Mendelssohn’s cello chamber works on period instruments and orientate themselves towards historical sources. But since they are spicing their performances with own ideas, the result is rhetoric and therefore really gripping.”

Rondo Classic – Music magazine, Finland (1.3.2019), CD review by Antti Häyrynen: “[…] for example, in the D major Sonata op. 45 both skill challenges and romantic expressions come out with impressive results.”