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Fantasia Andaluza

ABCD 391 Fantasia Andaluza

Flamenco guitar and classical guitar are brothers. They have travelled through history side by side, at times very close and at others further apart. The two top Finnish guitarists on this disc mirror their instruments one against the other. Watch video here täältä



Lumni Pepa PäivinenABCD 389 Lumni

Music made with acoustic instruments and human voice. Music, which gets its inspiration from Finnish nature and forest. Multi-instrumentalist Pepa Päivinens instruments combined with Hannu Riskus ethnic percussions draws a colourful and meditative sound world.



The River Pori Sinfonietta Söderblom, SigfridssonABCD 385 The River - Henri Sigfridsson, piano

Pori Sinfonietta conducted by Jan Söderblom is performing Palmgrens first three piano concertos with pianist Henri Sigfridsson and 7 short violin pieces played by Jan Söderblom and Henri Sigfridsson.