ABCD 355 EpifaniaABCD 355
Tiensuu - Salmenhaara - Tulve - Vasks - Meriläinen
Ostrobothnian Chamber Orchestra • Juha Kangas conductor

***** (Five stars)

"This spectacular showcase of four world premiere recordings from Finland's Ostrobothnian Chamber Orchestra is an awesomely-recorded demonstration of its skills.

Recorded in Snellman Hall in Kokkola, where the Ostrobothnian Chamber Orchestra is based, Alba's intense sound handles large dynamic ranges without losing quality of sound. Heard on a multi-channel system considerably opens up the already excellent sound. Jouni Kapiainen's detailed liner notes speak intimately as from a personal acquaintance with the main participants."

Laurence Vittes / Audiophile Audition

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